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La Sultana Marrakech

A U T H E N T I Q U E , I N S O L I T E , C O N F I D E N T I E L

" T h e  p h i l o s o p h y  o f  t h e h o t e l
r e v e a l s  i t s e l f  i n  t h e  s p i r i t  o f
t h e  p l a c e " 


he fuzzy feeling, but palpable that you feel makes the

place unique. It can not be compared to any other.

Even during a short stay at the Sultana Marrakech, we feel that  impression. Because everything was done to create harmony in an extraordinary place with such skill that everything seems to have always existed and it provides a sense of timelessness and eternity.

Located in UNESCO listed Medina world heritage site, La Sultana Marrakech own history that echoes to Moroccan great Royal History.

Once upon a time in the days of the Almohad dynasty (12th century), where La Sultana Marrakech is today, a granary supplies the royal family and the court of the Calife Yacoub

El Mansour.


The Calife just completed the Koutoubia and plans to add a Royal Kasbah to the city with access through the Bab Agnaou archway. As a nod to this granary and the brick usage at that time, La Sultana Marrakech used the brick as the main material in the architecture of the Almohad patio.

Majesty, luxury, a little excess, in a harmony of good taste, just a pinch of madness too. Things that will make you perfectly enjoy the appreciation of the event being celebrated.

One can dream of spending his honeymoon, celebrate an anniversary, offering a stay to relatives or friends or simply to have fun while enjoying a moment of happiness that magically transforms into eternity.

For the lovers of the Haute Cucine, the chef produce master dishes which excite the diner taste buds . To ensure authenticity of the subtle flavors of Moroccan dishes by «Marrakchiates » lady cooks who make, identically the traditional dishes of their childhood: Lamb couscous and seven vegetables, Tangia «as before» Dada Brika , The beef tagine with its raisins and almonds « M’rouzia « way.

Therefore, I can personally say that their kitchen is a delight. If you do not know what to ask the chef will guide you between delicious dishes that you can accompany with an excellent Moroccan wine. Enjoy its restaurant on the terrace, with an impressive view of the Medina and historical monuments.

I can only say that you will fall in love. 

To know more about this hotel, their interesting story and things to do around Marrakech, download our second edition Amazing Morocco

La Sultana Signature Hotel Breakfast Time
La Sultana Signature Hotels Pool Area
La Sultana Signature Hotel Room
La Sultana Signature Hotels Dinner al Fresco
La Sultana Signature Hotels Spa
Beautiful view of one of La Sultana's luxury rooms
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