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Our Luxury Guide: Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is southern Italy’s famous coastline that runs from Punta Campanella to Salerno and includes the picturesque hilltop towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Famous for its narrow, winding coastal road where you will discover hidden treasures of terraced towns and villages along the way.

Our Luxury Guide to Amalfi Coast-Where I Travel

Photo by: Mahdiye JV

The coastal towns of the Campania region are physically unspoiled, and they retain an evergreen appeal despite the inevitable tour groups. Avoid high summer, when visitors arrive in peak numbers, and a trip here will be a scenic, artistic and culinary delight.

An intriguing mix of sophistication and simplicity, the Amalfi Coast is for sure a place you should visit at least once and won’t leave it. A mere seagull’s spit from the superyachts, chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz and five-star hotels, beautiful luxury villas perched on the hills. Around precariously stacked hill villages, farmers still cultivate small plots of steeply terraced land, and their wives make cheese; down on the coast, tiny fishing communities make a living from the sea.

When to go

If you want to enjoy the Amalfi Coast at its best it’s all about good timing. There are months when restaurants and attractions are chiuso (closed) like in December and January. There are months when the narrow coastal roads get clogged, soaring temperatures, and the occasional frayed tempe, so it’s best to avoid July and August. Spring and autumn, though, are wonderful in this region - spring for its swathes of bright wildflowers and autumn for warm seas and bountiful seasonal produce.

Our Luxury Guide to Amalfi Coast-Where I Travel

Photo by: Lara Sophie

How to get there

Ferry or Boat:

No matter how you arrive at the Amalfi Coast, the journey is always scenic. Depending on the time of year, it’s possible to take fast ferries like Alilauro from Napoli to the main port of Amalfi. The two-to-three-hour journeys are not direct, and many make stops in destinations like Carpi or Sorrento before reaching Amalfi’s port. Additionally, boats like the Travelmar leave from Salerno and stop atmos Amalfi’s largest coastal municipality. Or we can arrange private boats that will also give you a scenic tour of the coast.

Train or Bus:

Arriving in Naples by flight you can take the Freccia Rossa trains that connect Napoli Centrale to Sorrento Trenitalia most direct and efficient or you can take a bus. We also suggest arranging a private transfer with our professional partners will be delighted to stop on the way and have enjoyed lunch in one of the best restaurants or a break to enjoy the most beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast.

We can also arrange private jets that will land in Napoli and we will include private transfer for you and your family/friends.


For many, traveling by car is still the most romantic and independent way to get from one destination to another. You can rent a car at either international airports in Rome or Naples, or opt for something more lavish from our luxury car rental partner. Their fleet of large and small luxury vehicles will ensure you’re the most stylish tourist on the road.

Book your Private Jet:

When you book your jet charter through Oneflight international, they will set you up with the choice of helicopter or luxurious aircraft to whisk your guests off to whatever location you choose.

The choice is yours when it comes to the perfect aircraft to use for your business or private guests. With just a few questions regarding the number of guests and the type of trip you are planning, we can help you select the right travel arrangements.


The nearest airport is Naples, approximately 60km from the Amalfi coast.

Where to stay

Consider at least a seven-day vacation on the Amalfi Coast. You can choose to stay in one of our selection of luxury villas on the Amalfi Coast.

Our Luxury Guide to Amalfi Coast-Where I Travel

Photo by: Emran Yousof

We have villas located in the different coastal gems including Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Capri.. so from there you will reach easily the places to visit and explore. But if you want to be more flexible we can arrange great itineraries where you can stay in 2 or 3 luxury hotels. From the unique Il San Pietro di Positano from where you can experience Positano or the Le Sireneuse. Its location terraced higher into the seaside cliffs, leaves guests feeling as if they’ve dived into a painting of the seaside town. The family-owned establishment is a feast for the eyes, surrounded by exquisite tile work, lemon trees, and artworks. On-site, you’ll also find the Michelin-starred La Spond restaurant led by Chef Gennaro Ruso, whose menu honors the culinary traditions of the region. Or in Sorrento Bellevue one of our favorite hotels where to stay. We will create a perfectly tailored itinerary including the best places where to eat and things not to miss arranging private excursions and activities. So you can stay 3 days in Sorrento, 2 in Positano and 1 or two in Capri for example.


A grand dame of local tourist towns, Sorrento sits pretty on a cliff gazing out at Vesuvius, and there’s a charming fishing village down below.


Of all the tumbling coastal towns in Italy, Positano has to be the most beautiful, with its surreally steep geography and colorful houses.


Sashay in the footsteps of Jackie O and Clark Gable on this most dazzling of islands: the whitewashed core of Capri town is lovely, with a path leading through the terraced countryside to a Roman Villa.

Where to taste great food

The pinnacle of fine dining in Positano is the Michelin-stared restaurant Zass. Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker builds artful culinary creations from fruits and vegetables grown on the property and local meats and seafood caught fresh each day. Make sure you try the lemon pasta.

Our Luxury Guide to Amalfi Coast-Where I Travel

Photo by: Adrien Sala

Da Vincenzo

The dishes on the menu differ depending on what is fresh, but all maintain the best of the old-fashioned home cooking of Nonna. While there is an abundance of pasta dishes, they also have lots of gluten-free options. That is why Da Vicenzo is a perfect place to enjoy classic Italian wine and meals.

Covo Dei Saraceni

It’s a 5-star hotel, which also runs a formal restaurant on a terrace upstairs and a brasserie on its ground level. You can enjoy lots of food options here. Pizza Margherita is good, but you may also try Napolitana or Saracena. Calzone with mozzarella, artichokes, and ham is something that you shouldn't miss. For dessert, you can order lemon sorbet served in a lemon shell.

Chez Black

If you are searching for a place that is nearby the beach, Chez Black won't disappoint you. It’s as close as you could get to dinner on the sea. Just a few steps from the main beach of Positano, it’s an ideal place for those who are watching during the day. It’s also a hotspot for tourists, locals, and celebrities. Its friendly and homey atmosphere would make you not like to leave. They have good gluten-free options as well.

Le Tre Sorelle,

A more affordable dining option is consistently good and serves delicious hearty food. Lots of travelers come to grab a quick pizza, but you can also sit for hours at a table outside sipping cold white wine indulging in something more substantial like their grilled sea bass.

Let us arrange for you a private chef that will be delighted to cook some great food for you during your vacation.

Best shopping

On the Amalfi Coast, artisan workshops create and sell unique pieces of earthenware. In the town of Vietri Sul Mare, you will find the most highly-prized ceramics which they also produce. The town is full of little shops selling every genre of brightly colored ceramic ware as well as schools that teach the ancient art of pottery.

Photo by: Antonio Sessa

If you’re looking for artistic ceramics, head to Pasquales Liguori’s Studio. Marco Fusco’s Laboratorio Fes, in Amalfi, houses a fabulous collection of contemporary pieces.

Amalfi is famous, above all, for its, handmade paper: a vast selection of which can be found in the Cartiere Amatruda. At the Scuderie del Duca you can purchase not only paper but also wax, ink, and antique modern prints.


Famous for having invented the: hippy-chic” style (a sophisticated, Mediterranean version of the apparel worn by the flower power generation, with that brightly colored cotton or linen blouses, headscarves, and sarongs and flat, handmade sandals, which were inspired by the footwear firs made on the island of Capri in the Amalfi Coast you will enjoy fashion shopping.

The best place to purchase a pair of made-to-measure sandals, without emptying your wallet, is Maiori, in Alfonso Dattilo’s legendary shoe shop.

For a complete Positano look, pop into the Bottega di Brunella where, since the 1960s Vito and Brunella have been creating beautiful designs for men, women, and children using the finest linen, chenille, and wool. Antica Sartoria located on Positano’s Spiaggia Grande is hwere to shop for the best bathing costume.

Thing not to miss

If you visit Ravello and don't spend an hour or two roaming through Villa Cimbrone’s gardens, you’re essentially missing the point. From Ravellos central piazza, signs will lead you to the storied gardens, which are part of an 11th-century palatial compound. Famous writers such as Gore Vidal, who traveled extensively, have visited the gardens and proclaimed the sport to be the most beautiful place ever visited.

Our Luxury Guide to Amalfi Coast-Where I Travel

One of the best ways to explore the Amalfi Coast is hiring a boa Speaking of beauty, one of Italy’s most stunning hiking trails is hemmed into the hills above the Amalfi Coast. A five-hour hike that snakes high above the coast through small villages you shouldn't miss the Path of the Gods. You’ll encounter valleys with farmers and sheepherders selling their products and beautiful sea views. Pack comfortable shoes and rain gear for late autumn and winter weather treks.


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