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Mendoza,the fastest-growing wine-producing region in the world.

Nestled in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua, the vineyards in the Mendoza wine country area are at one of the highest elevations in the world. Receiving tiny rainfall per year, the vines are irrigated by runoff from melting glaciers in the Andes.

interior view of the Diam Andes winery - Where I Travel - Where I Travel Magazine
Impressive interior view of the DiamAndes winery.

Particularly Malbec is grown, a grape that thrives in the high-altitude, arid province of Mendoza. Other varieties include Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

There are three wine-producing areas in the Mendoza wine region to visit. We will show you two of them: Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley. A minimum of two days is needed to visit these regions. Read on to learn about each one, our recommended wineries, and how to plan your visit.

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Luján de Cuyo

A delicious gastronomic experience in Susana Balbo's winery-Where I Travel-Where I Travel Magazine-
A delicious gastronomic experience in Susana Balbo's winery.

Luján de Cuyo is a wine-producing sub-region of Argentina's largest viticulture area, Mendoza. Unsurprisingly, Malbec is the region's most essential grape variety, producing bold, intensely flavored red wines. Excellent wines are also produced here from Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Torrontés.

Located in a valley merely south of Mendoza City itself, the Luján de Cuyo region is home to a number of of the most well-known names in Argentinean wine like the Susana Balbo wines high-end, high-quality wines, the product of the combination of the outstanding enological skills of the winery's team of viticulturists and their in-depth knowledge of the best terroirs in the country.

Then, we cross to the Uco Valley

Breathtaking view of the mountains from the Rutini Wines cellar-Where I Travel-Where I Travel Magazine-
Breathtaking view of the mountains from the Rutini Wines cellar

The Uco Valley (Valle de Uco) is a key wine-growing region of Mendoza, Argentina. An hour's drive south of the city of Mendoza, it is home to a number of of the region's most well-known wines.

Here shines Argentina's main grape variety, Malbec, producing terroir-driven red wines with a distinctive floral aroma. With Cabernet Franc, a number of great results have been achieved. Additionally, a number of Mendoza's best white wines made from Chardonnay and Torrontés come from vineyards in the Uco Valley. The relatively cool climate allows for the slower ripening period required.

Although considered part of the Mendoza region, the Uco Valley can be recognized in its own right in several respects. Not only is the vine-growing area quite various; the region is also home to several of Argentina's top producers. Drawn by the excellent climate and soil, brands such as Andeluna, DiamAndes, Domaine Bousquet, and Rutini Wines have raised the profile of the region.

Among the specific merits of Uco is its high elevation at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The La Consulta and Tunuyán subregions of the valley are at altitudes of 850 meters (2, 000 ft) and 1, 100 m (3, 600 ft) respectively. These are slightly higher above sea level than Maipú and Luján de Cuyo in the north.

San Rafael de Mendoza

Let your eyes and mind be clearance with the beautiful landscapes of Finca La  Carmelita-Where I Travel-Where I Travel Magazine-
Let your eyes and mind be clearance with the beautiful landscapes of Finca La Carmelita.

In San Rafael de Mendoza we make a stop to renew ourselves in the middle of nature. There among interesting landscapes with the backdrop of the ice-covered Andes mountains you can enjoy the privacy that Finca La Carmelita offers you.

San Rafael is the last oasis in the south of Mendoza, watered by the Diamante and Atuel rivers. Beyond is Patagonia. San Rafael is one of the departments of the Province of Mendoza, Argentina. It is located 240 km southeast of Mendoza Capital. It is the second city in the province. Close to the Atuel and Diamante rivers, San Rafael is full of interesting landscapes. Against the backdrop of the ice-capped mountains of the Andes, this city's endless fields of vineyards, fruit orchards, and olive groves make it hard to fathom that it is in the middle of a desert. You can visit its rivers and fantastic mountains, all within the limits of the region.

There are several wineries and vineyards around the city. The most notable is the Chenin Blanc, fragrant and delicate. Others include Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, and Malbec.

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