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9 luxury gateways to put on your bucket list this next 2022

This New Year getaways are an excellent option to start 2022 on the right foot. After a very difficult year in which the pandemic has had us at home for long months, the light is finally beginning to be seen.

In this article, we have highlighted the 9 best luxury getaways to celebrate the start of 2022. Perfect trips to give thanks for continuing another year and to forget the hard times we have had to face.

1. Sintra (Portugal)

Sintra Portugal-Where I Travel-Where I Travel Magazine

Portugal is a magical destination located just one step away. One of the most special year-end getaways we can do is enjoy the transition to 2022 in Sintra.

This beautiful Portuguese town, located just 30 kilometers from Lisbon, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its wonderful palaces. One of the essential things to see in Portugal will leave you speechless.

From the time of Romanticism, walking around Sintra is like living in a story. One of the most special destinations on the Iberian Peninsula to celebrate a New Year with wonderful palaces, an unbeatable natural environment, and a few steps from Lisbon and the beach.

In Sintra, our recommendation is to stay at the Palacio de Seteáis. This 17th-century palace is located on a mountainside, with great views of the Palacio da Pena. In addition, it is just a few steps from Quinta da Regaleira.

With a spa and first-class facilities, you will be the star of a wonderful story.

2.- Península Papagayo, Costa Rica

Papagayo Peninsula-Costa Rica-Where I Travel

Enjoy the beaches and marine biodiversity in the Papagayo Peninsula of Costa Rica.

On the Papagayo Peninsula, we have to recommend the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. Winner of the World Travel Awards (WTA) for the best hotel in Mexico and Central America, it could be on our list of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Not only stands out for its facilities, but also for its location as an eco-tourism resort. Climbing a volcano, surfing, or taking a zip line through the jungle are some of the activities you can do at this luxury hotel.

3. Start the New Year on a private island in the Maldives

Private Island in The Maldivas - Where I Travel

One of the first countries to open borders and welcome old people with negative CRP was the Maldives. Accustomed to luxury and exclusive tourism, they soon took all the security measures and became a paradise in which to continue enjoying.

Therefore, choosing the Maldives to start a new year getaways is still a very good option. Not only does it coincide with the time with the best climate to visit the archipelago, but it also allows you to combine relaxation with different water activities.

Its different hotels on private islands allow a truly luxurious experience. Share with those we most love the entrance to the new year away from everything that has made us suffer.

In addition to the hotels on private islands in the Maldives that we have recommended in other articles, we have to recommend The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort hotel. Located on the private island of Vommuli, it offers suites over the water and on the beach. One of the best hotels with a spa, first-rate gastronomy, and an enviable climate, you will start 2022 with the best possible footing.

4. Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Iguazu Falls Brazil-Where I Travel

Continuing in the southern hemisphere, there is another place that combines luxury and completely spectacular nature. We are talking about the Iguazu Falls in the Brazilian part, since Brazil is, together with Mexico, the only country in America that does not ask for any type of requirement to travel.

Away from big cities like Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, where it can be even more dangerous to make an urban trip due to the high incidence of the virus, going to the jungle to a luxury hotel allows you to enjoy the best without Brazil without danger.

To enjoy a luxury travel experience in Brazil, nothing like the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. This colonial-style and luxurious hotel are located next to the Iguazu Falls. With views of them and surrounded by tropical forest, you will feel at your own farm. But, yes, with all the services of the best possible luxury accommodation.

5. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

Serengeti National Park-Where I Travel

Another of the countries to better adapt to the pandemic was Tanzania. From the beginning it was possible to do safaris carrying a PCR, being an example for many other countries such as Kenya and Namibia, which followed in their footsteps.

Spending Christmas and New Year in the Serengeti National Park is another very special experience. Above all, if we are true lovers of safaris.

Living the entrance to the new year in one of its luxury lodges is an experience that is not forgotten.

For a truly special experience in the Serengeti, we recommend the One Nature Nyaruswiga luxury lodge. A camp that offers the greatest possible luxury in accommodation of these characteristics. The absolute relaxation after seeing the Big Five.

Even being in tents, you will feel like in a palace with the best facilities next to one of the places of passage of the Great Migration. What better way to start the year?

6.- Ski-in the French Alps to start the year

Hotel Alpaga- French Alps- Where I Travel

France is another ideal option for luxury getaways for next 2022. Beyond urban destinations, nothing like going to the Alps to have a complete holiday experience.

Snowy landscapes, a bit of skiing, a spa and a sauna, and, of course, warming up by the fireplace with your loved ones. A more traditional, but no less special way to enjoy a luxurious winter vacation.

Among the different luxury mountain resort options in the Alps, we once again recommend the Hotel Alpaga, which will reopen its doors on December 18. With ski slopes around a medieval village and views of Mont Blanc, this is simply the definition of magic.

It only has 22 inhabitants and 4 luxury chalets, so it also offers a lot of tranquility.

7. A new year with elephants in Samburu (Kenya)

Samburu-Kenya-Where I Travel

Another country to which we can travel with negative PCR is Kenya. In this case, nothing like enjoying a New Year trip in one of the luxury hotels where we can live with elephants. This option is especially ideal if we travel with children since they tend to enjoy the possibility of seeing the large pachyderms sharing the space of the camp like no one else.

Together with the possibility of doing a safari in Samburu, we can enjoy an experience in nature, away from crowds and, therefore, much safer in this new normal.

Among the hotels with elephants in Africa, the Elephant Bedroom Camp is one of the best options in Kenya. Not only because of the quality of its facilities but also because the elephants walk around as if they were at home. A way of experiencing nature and luxury in the same space.

8. Acapulco (Mexico)

Bayan Tree Cabo Marqués Hotel-Acapulco-Where I Travel

Crossing the Atlantic to Mexico is another option that we can choose on our New Year's Eve getaways. Without the need for PCR, Mexico has thousands of top tourist destinations such as the Riviera Maya, Baja California, or the DF itself.

In this case, we are going to recommend Acapulco, a Pacific resort town that contains some of the best luxury hotels and beaches in the country. A perfect place to rest by the sea and celebrate the entry into 2022.

To enjoy luxury in Acapulco, nothing like the Bayan Tree Cabo Marqués Hotel. We already talked about this chain in our article on luxury hotels in Bali, since it is an Asian chain that in all its hotels conveys the philosophy of spirituality and harmony typical of that continent.

Coupled with the fact that the hotel's luxury villas are located on a cliff, with an infinity pool and allowing you to see whales and other cetaceans from their terraces, it becomes a first-rate option.

9.- A New Year under the stars of the Namibian desert

Shipwreck Lodge-Namibia Desert-Where I Travel

You can also travel to Namibia with negative PCR. In this case, one of the most interesting options is to travel to the Namib Desert. Seeing its great dunes, its incredible canyons in the desert, or the colonies of sea lions in the sea is well worth it.

Also, enjoy the beach among the skeletons of sunken ships that give the Skeleton Coast its name. But the real magic comes when night falls, completely away from any light pollution.

So the stars light up the desert and wish you all the luck you need for 2022.

We already mentioned it in our article of luxurious places to travel, the Shipwreck Lodge is one

of the best options to sleep in the Namib desert. A lodge made up of boat-shaped villas along the Skeleton Coast, with a bleak and spectacular landscape.

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