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Remote destinations, extended stays and extreme experience

Mabel Figueruelo

Mar 7, 2022

In a globalized world, where the most untamed places are accessible, luxury travelers are searching for remote and exclusive destinations

off the beaten tourist track. Like the Poles or space. (Almost) secret destinations such as the archipelago of Raja Ampat, in Indonesia, with its turquoise waters and 1,500 islands, one of the last untouched paradises on earth, is a Luxaviation proposal. Or the secret islands of Thailand, offered by Black Tomato. Or the island of Socotra, in Yemen, one of the most isolated islands of continental origin in the world that (almost) nobody can access, but that Cookson Adventures offers in its travel portfolio. Heritage Expeditions proposes a trip to the coast of Kamchatka, one of the most remote corners of the Russian Far East.

Also daring expeditions to Antarctica, to the highest mountains in the world, which are not only a destination but also a challenge. And if they are unique experiences, all the better. Like flying over all the eight-thousanders of the Himalayas in a glider for the first time (something that has not yet been achieved), an experience offered by the agency Untold Story Travel for which there is only one place, and that includes an authentic immersive trip through Nepal during the four weeks prior to the flight to spend a training period with the whole family. Travel companies such as Cookson Adventures, Intrepid, Arcadia Expeditions and Aurora Expeditirons continue to launch new itineraries.

Adding to the long-stay trend is the environmental motivation, which means fewer flights, and the massive adoption of telecommuting. Working from home has blurred the boundaries between personal and professional life, and senior executives are increasingly inclined to relocate semi-permanently to private residences, often for several months, which can be adapted to a working environment and provide the facilities and services needed to continue daily life in an "out of the ordinary" way. Companies such as Unsettled, Hacker Paradise or Inspirato, plan destinations in luxury homes, hotels or unique and tailor-made boutique experiences for this type of "travelers".

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