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Moor & Moor Room


" Located in a privileged place for those who wish to
visit Ghent and with a modern and innovative concept you can find Moor & Moor hotel and restaurant "


ts rooms, spacious and comfortable and with an original
touch in their names that stand out coffee plants is an idea

of Yves Moor, an enthusiastic and pleasant young man who has traveled the world and brought with him a new concept not only of accommodation, but also to delight your palate with your vegan restaurant with 100% organic foods and that you can taste as soon as you get up.

Upon arrival at your hotel we stayed in the Caturra room (a name of a coffee plant originally from Brazil) a clean and functional design. With original and funny phrase attached to the furniture and spaces like a warm welcome by the team. A comfortable bed that invites you to rest as soon as you install, and more if you come from a long trip.

Upon entering your shower you will notice that the design has been carefully worked so that the usual modern comforts are not lacking. The bathroom, separated from the shower, is perfect, with wooden finishes that give it that Eco-Friendly touch. Plus a beautiful view of part of the
city of Ghent from our window. A postcard that I will always carry in my mind ...

Moor and Moor Hotel Details
Moor and Moor Hotel Details
Moor and Moor Food Belgium Spaces
Moor and Moor Details
views of the interior of cafe Moor & Moor in Ghent, Belgium

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